Twitter: Combating misinformation through Media Literacy

10.2.2020 19:00

Keskustakirjasto Oodi

1. kerros Maijansali

Twitter has transformed the way information is reported on and engaged with around the world. Every single person has the potential to tell the world what's happening in their village, their town, their city, and their community.

While we firmly believe in the power of an open, public conversation, the speed of the Internet presents unique challenges around media literacy and information quality. We want to empower the people who use our service to critically engage with the content they see. That’s why we are focused on helping people feel safe, surfacing more quality information, promoting digital literacy skills and tackling issues such as spam and automation.

In support of #mediataitoviikko and Safer Internet Day, Twitter will talk about how they work to improve the health of the public conversation by tackling disinformation and promoting media and information literacy. They will also talk about how you can stay safe on Twitter by making use of a range of different safety tools, tips and tricks.

Free entrance, welcome!