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Maijansali hall

240 m², 60–170 people, from 360 € per hour, minimum 3 hours

Gorgeous Maijansali is located on the ground floor, close to the Oodi main entrance. This multi-purpose space is ideal for various events, such as lectures, conferences, workshops, performances or product launches. Maijansali is also a good place for large group dinners or cocktail events. The room is fully accessible, with the exception of the elevated auditorium. However, it is possible to build an accessible auditorium for 100 people.

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Maijansali has everything a successful event needs: microphones, lights, a screen and projector, and so much more. For an additional fee, we can also provide a hybrid grand piano or an elevated stage.

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In connection to Maijansali and included in the rent, there is 30 sqm backstage that you can use. Please let us know in advance if you are going to use the backstage. If you have any questions about the facilities at Oodi or about holding an event here, contact us: oodi.tilat@hel.fi

Reserving Maijansali

You can make a reservation up to two weeks before your event at the latest. Reservations can be made roughly one year in advance. You can have a maximum of two active reservations for Maijansali.

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You will receive an invoice for your reservation after the event. Minimum duration is 3 hours.

One hour, €360

4 hours, €1,260

Full day, €2,100

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Catering services

Catering services are available from the Oodi restaurant. Depending on the chosen furniture arrangement, Maijansali can host catering for at most 100 people. It is also possible to have catering in the Lämpiö area, on the northern side of Oodi, which has space for at most 80 people, depending on the furniture arrangement.

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Security and cloakroom services

Event organisers are responsible for security at their events. Contact the library in advance regarding security arrangements and questions at oodi.tilat@hel.fi, if necessary.

Security guards keep watch over Oodi while the library is open, but they cannot be used as security for an individual event. Any security deviations regarding the event must always be reported to Oodi Security. If separate security services are required by your event, let us know in advance at oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

Oodi does not provide cloakroom services for events, and they must instead be acquired from an external supplier. You must agree with Oodi on external services and the location of the cloakroom in advance by email at oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

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