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Located on the first floor, Maijansali hall is well-suited for events, lectures and conferences.

Maijansali hall

240 m², 60–170 people, from 360 € per hour

Located on the first floor, Maijansali hall (240 m2) is well-suited for events, lectures and conferences. The facility is accessible. By reserving Maijansali you agree to comply with the rules for the facility.

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How many people can fit inside the facility?

130–170 people seated in rows or 60–100 people seated around tables.

Maijansali has a folding audience stand with tiered rows of seats for 129 people. By agreement, movable chairs can be placed in front of the stand to add 41 extra seats, bringing the total number of seats to 170.

Alternatively the facility can be furnished with various types of table groups in which case the stand is folded up and movable tables and chairs are delivered to the facility. The total possible number of table seats with a view of the big screen is 60. If a big screen or stage is not needed, a total of 100 people can be seated around tables.

The facility may be occupied by no more than 180 people. For safety reasons, sitting on the steps of the stand is not allowed. The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that the maximum number of participants is not exceeded.

What furniture can be ordered for the facility?

All furniture arrangements must be agreed upon two weeks prior to the event by email: oodi.tilat@hel.fi. We will not carry out any desired changes that we are notified of after this time. Optional additional furniture that can be delivered by agreement:

  • black screens (70 x 150cm), to which objects can be attached with pins (1–12)
  • low tables (height 52 cm) for example for panel speakers (1–10)
  • higher table (height 90 x width 60 x depth 60 cm) for the speaker (1–2)
  • coat racks (1–8)
  • tables (height 74 x width 80 x depth 160 cm, 1–14)
  • semicircle-shaped tables (height 74 x width 80 x depth 160 cm, 1–14)
  • movable chairs (1–100)

What technology is the facility equipped with?

All prior arrangements for the event, such as the installing of streaming equipment, must be made within the reserved time frame. All technical arrangements must be agreed upon two weeks prior to the event by email to oodi.tilat@hel.fi.


The facility is equipped with four receivers for wireless microphones as well as microphone stands. You can reserve a maximum four handheld microphones OR two headset microphones and two handheld microphones per event.


The facility is equipped with a big screen and video projector, to which you can connect your own device. We use HDMI and DP cables. They can be found in the facility if agreed upon beforehand and are at your disposal. Please make sure to bring your own connectors that are compatible with our equipment.


By connecting you device to our HDMI cable, your device will be connected to the facility’s sound system. The facility is also equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug (mini-plug). A DI box and stage box (with a 6.3 mm plug or XLR connectors) are also at your disposal. If you need more audio tracks, please make sure to bring your own connectors and cables.

More detailed specifications

  • PA, mixer: Soundcraft Vi2000
  • Main & sub speakers: JBL VT4886 & VT4883
  • Projector: Panasonic PT-RZ970
  • The facility is equipped with a fixed network for streaming purposes.
  • There is a frame on the ceiling for suspensions. The lighting system covers basic lighting equipment, a few Fresnels and a profile light.
  • Projection aspect ratio 16:10 (WUXGA)
  • Projection area 5 x 2.5 m


How does streaming work in the hall?

The facility is equipped with a fixed network with a speed of 800Mbps Mbps for streaming purposes. Audio summing is available via the XLR connection on the stage box. Please bring the connectors and cables you need with you.

Please remember that the installations for streaming need to be carried out within the timeslot reserved.

What technical services are included in the facility reservation and what are not?

The following are included in the facility reservation:

  • Technology agreed upon two weeks in advance will be delivered to the facility, ready for use.
  • At the start of the facility reservation, a member of Oodi’s technical staff will provide advice and guidance in the use of the facility’s audiovisual technology (audio technology, lighting, projector).

The following are not included in the facility reservation:

  • Audio mixing during the event. We recommend bringing your own mixer.
  • Adjustment of lighting during the event.


How much does use of the facility cost?

The facility rent will be invoiced after the event according to the price list.

If you are planning to organize a public event open to everyone in cooperation with Oodi, you may be entitled to use the facility free of charge. In this case please send us your proposal at oodi.tilat(at)hel.fi.

See the event facility price list

How can I reserve the facility?

You can make a preliminary reservation via Varaamo. Reservations can be made no later than three weeks in advance. We try to process reservations within 10 working days. When your reservation has been accepted, you will be notified by email.

If necessary, you can cancel your reservation, free of charge, three weeks prior to the reserved time. Please notify us of the cancellation at oodi.tilat@hel.fi. Uncancelled reservations and reservations that were cancelled too late will be invoiced for.

Any prior arrangements or other activities necessary for your event must be accounted for when making a reservation and completed within the timeframe booked through Varaamo. The 30-minute periods automatically marked at the beginning and end of reservations are for the most part reserved for the library’s own arrangements for the room. The person who made the reservation will not be charged for these 30-minute slots.

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Can catering services be ordered for the facility?

Catering services are available for Maijansali from Oodi’s restaurant. Remember to make sure that your desired furniture arrangement fits the catering.

Read more about Oodi’s catering services

Security and cloakroom services

The event organiser is responsible for safety and security at the event. If necessary, contact the library in advance regarding any matters and questions regarding safety and security oodi.tilat(at)hel.fi.

There are guards present at Oodi throughout its opening hours, but they cannot be used as security guards for individual events. Any security deviations related to the event must always be reported to Oodi’s guards. If separate security services are required for the event, Oodi should be notified of this requirement in advance oodi.tilat(at)hel.fi. Security services must be ordered from Palmia.

Oodi does not provide cloakroom services for the facility which is why such services must be ordered from an external operator. Such services and the location of the cloakroom must first be agreed upon with Oodi oodi.tilat(at)hel.fi.

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