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Welcome to Oodi! Oodi is a place where you can organise a wide range of events from meetings to seminars, information sessions and dinners. Oodi has successfully hosted thousands of events of various sizes. Our professional staff will assist you in organising a successful event.

Why choose Oodi?

  • Excellent location right in the centre of Helsinki
  • A gem of design and architecture with rooms of different sizes to meet many needs
  • The library, which has received many international awards, is also ideal for high-profile events
  • You can order delicious catering for your event from Oodi’s own restaurant

Capacities and prices of facilities

Kino Regina | Maijansali hall | Kuutio | Aura | Kitchen

Kino Regina

250 people, from €360/h

The space, which also serves as a cinema, has stylish auditorium seating and a large projection screen. Regina is ideal for seminars, lectures and film screenings, for example.

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Maijansali hall

50–150 people, from €360/h

Our most versatile space is Maijansali Hall on the first floor, which can be furnished in several different ways from groups of tables to a riser seating system, and the 100-m2 space can also be emptied for your use if that is preferable. Maijansali Hall is equipped with comprehensive performance venue technology.

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20–50 people, from €140/h

The space, which also serves as a media art gallery, has two projection screens, video projectors and a sound system.

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20 people, from €80/h

The high-quality audio-visual space has a projection screen, a video projector and a 5.1 surround sound system. Aura is well suited to meetings and film screenings, for example.

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10 people, from €112/4h

A well-equipped kitchen area for private events and cooking classes, for example.

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We organised a seminar in Oodi’s Maijansali Hall. The event was hybrid, which is always technically challenging. We were able to familiarise ourselves with the technology and furniture options before the event. All our questions were answered. We have received good feedback from both the audience and speakers. Thank you!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have any questions about Oodi’s facilities or how to organise an event at Oodi, please contact us at oodi.tilat@hel.fi

Catering services at Oodi

You can order catering from Oodi’s own restaurant Food & Co.

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