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Children and families

Oodi has space for relaxed quality family time and for doing things together. Children are considered on all Oodi’s floors and the building is accessible for prams and buggies. Come and have a great time at Oodi!

Children’s section

Located on the third floor, the children’s section offers the chance to chill out and immerse yourself in stories. For children, there are plenty of books and other materials, such as films and magazines. The children’s section has a cosy story room for storytelling moments and events, as well as an event space. You can get to the children’s section conveniently by lift directly from the entrance floor.

A pram park and baby care room serve those moving about with young library visitors. There is also a pram park on Oodi’s ground floor. For reasons of fire safety and accessibility, prams and buggies may only be parked in the designated areas.

Eating your own packed lunch is allowed almost everywhere in Oodi. However, it is forbidden at the rugs and sofas in the children’s section, in the café and restaurant area and at the library’s computers. A good place to eat is, for example, on the stairs of the children’s section on the third floor. You can find a microwave for heating baby food in the baby care room of the children’s section.

Fairytale wall

There is an interactive fairytale wall in the event space of Central Library Oodi’s children’s section. By touching the smart wall, you can watch and listen to a music fairytale based on classical music or play games. The fairytale wall also features a touch-operated fantasy instrument that lets you invent your own music or play with others. Children can also, for example, paint northern lights in the sky or send autumn leaves flying with their hand movements. The fairytale wall is free to use whenever there is no other event in the space.

Children’s events

Oodi organises many events for children, such as nursery rhyme and story moments, concerts and themed days. The events are free of charge and open to all. Most of the events are provided in co-operation with organisations and other professionals in the field of children’s culture.

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Playground Loru

Oodi will delight families with Playground Loru, which tempts children and adults to spend time freely together or take part in supervised activities. The playground facilities are located on the third floor, in the loft of the children’s section. You may come across Loru staff anywhere in Oodi because the playground activities spread out all over the building. Loru also organises outdoor activities outside Oodi.

Visit Playground Loru's website (in Finnish)

Makasiinipuisto outdoor playground

In Makasiinipuisto Park in front of Oodi, children can discharge their energy at the outdoor playground. Shaped like the letter C and reaching a maximum height of two and a half metres, the climbing frame features a large climbing net and bird’s nest seats, among other things. The playing field next to the climbing frame is designed to suit a wide variety of ball games and children’s games.

School and daycare groups

School and daycare groups are warmly welcome to visit Oodi. For groups, we offer various guided visits and workshops that can be booked via the city’s Kultus service. The workshops are held in Finnish and Swedish Groups can also explore Oodi on their own, with the help of digital games, for example.

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Explore Oodi by playing games

We hope that groups will also take into account other library users, such as students and newspaper readers. The group instructor is always responsible for the children in the group. The library staff are happy to help with any questions you may have.