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Urban Workshop

At the Urban Workshop on the second floor, you can create new things and personalise old ones. At your disposal is a wide range of tools from a electronic workstation to a laser cutter, not forgetting traditional handicrafts. You can use the work facilities and tools by yourself or with the assistance of the library personnel.

Oodi’s Urban Workshop

With the laser cutter, you can cut and engrave utensils, jewellery and decorations that you have designed. With the 3D printer you can make physical objects from spare parts to miniature models. Window decals and cloth prints are easy using the vinyl cutter. Also available to you are a large format printer, UV printer and various sewing machines that you can use for anything from repair work to embroidery.

Urban Workshop organises a range of workshops and events for all ages. Come to Oodi and put your ideas into practice!

Up-to-date information on equipment available for reservation can be found in the Varaamo service