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Urban Workshop

The Urban Workshop on the second floor of Oodi is a DIY culture space open to all. At the workshop, you get to learn new things through shared activities and trying things out. You will have a wide selection of equipment ranging from photo printers to a laser cutter at your disposal, not forgetting traditional handicrafts.

How does the Urban Workshop work?

Oodi invites everyone to come and realise their ideas, small and big, at the Urban Workshop!

The equipment of the Urban Workshop is reserved via the City of Helsinki’s facility reservation service Varaamo. Varaamo provides you with information about reservation times and terms, what materials are available and whether using a device requires a valid library card. The equipment can be used free of charge, but a fee is collected for any materials used.

The information section of each device in Varaamo also contains a link to simplified user instructions. You can considerably increase the probability of your project being successful by reading the instructions beforehand.

In addition to the equipment of the Urban Workshop, you can reserve a game room, various music studios, and a photography, editing and digitising studio on the second floor of Oodi.

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The Urban Workshop’s service promise

The Urban Workshop and the studios are places for learning and activities. The facilities are open to all. We will help users of all skill levels get started, and if we come across a problem, we will learn how to solve it together to the best of our ability and when time allows. Our guidelines for a safer space are binding for both our customers and our staff.

Urban Workshop equipment

Learn about the wide range of equipment at the Urban Workshop of Oodi and come realise your idea!

3D-printers | A2 photo printer and A3 scanner | Electronics workstations | Wire binder | Laser cutter | Media workstations | Sewing machines and overlockers | Button pin machine | Large format printer | UV printer | Vinyl cutter and heat press | Borrowable accessories

3D printers

The 3D printer produces physical objects based on digital model files. You can find ready-made models on many dedicated websites or create a model yourself. There are two 3D printers at the Urban Workshop. 

The 3D printers of Oodi in Varaamo

A2 photo printer and A3 scanner

The A2 printer prints photos on high-quality paper. You can choose from three different A2-sized photo paper types. A paper cutter is also available for cutting photos.

The A3 scanner scans papers and photos with a high image quality.

The A2 photo printer and A3 scanner of Oodi in Varaamo

Electronics workstations

The electronics workstations are intended for independent working on electronics. The workstations are equipped with a soldering iron, a power source, a multimeter, an oscilloscope and a signal generator, as well as accessories such as a desoldering pump and a magnifying glass. Lead-free tin is available.

The electronics workstations of Oodi in Varaamo

Wire binder

The wire binder can be used to make spiral bound notebooks, calendars and albums. Black A4 and A5-sized binding combs are available.

The wire binder of Oodi in Varaamo

Laser cutter

The laser cutter can be used to cut and engrave various materials, such as acrylic and wood. The device can be used to make a wide variety of practical and decorative items. For first-timers, we provide instructed sessions, while more experienced users can reserve a time slot for independent use.

The laser cutter of Oodi in Varaamo

Media workstations

The media workstations feature software for drawing, image processing, layout design, video editing and other forms of creative digital work.

The media workstations feature Adobe CC software packages, pen displays and flatbed scanners, which can be used to scan slides, negatives and photos.

Media workstations of Oodi in Varaamo

Sewing machines and overlockers

The Urban Workshop has two sewing machines and overlockers. You will also have black and white thread, pins, scissors and other basic sewing necessities at your disposal.

The sewing machines of Oodi in Varaamo

Button pin machine

The button pin machine makes button pins with a diameter of 58 mm. You can bring a ready-made image with you or draw one yourself.

The Button pin machine of Oodi in Varaamo

Large format printer

The large format printer is used to print photo-quality posters and stickers on 130 cm wide paper.

The large format printer of Oodi in Varaamo

UV printer

The UV printer prints high-quality images on hard, even surfaces. The printer uses ultraviolet light to adhere the image onto the surface of the item. You can use the UV printer for purposes such as customising your phone case or decorating earrings made with the laser cutter.

UV printer of Oodi in Varaamo

Vinyl cutter and heat press

The vinyl cutter can be used to cut monochrome stickers and fabric prints from a selection of colour options. The fabric print material is adhered onto the fabric with a heat press. Monochrome and clearly contrasted logos, texts and silhouette images are used as model images.

The vinyl cutter and heat press of Oodi in Varaamo

The vinyl cutter and heat press

Borrowable accessories

You can use your library card to borrow a wide variety of accessories to be used at the library:

  • a hot glue gun
  • manual sewing equipment
  • snap pliers
  • a fabric shaver
  • a phone repair kit
  • a rotary cutter
  • punch pliers
  • a clothes iron
  • a wardrobe maintenance kit
  • a light desk and loupe