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Photo shoots at Oodi

Oodi is a public space in which customers can hold small-scale photo shoots during the library’s opening hours. Please notify us of your photo shoot plans in advance: oodi(at)

When planning a photo shoot, please take the following into consideration: All photo shoots must be carried out so that no customer facilities, passageways, staircases, guides for the visually impaired or services are made unavailable due to the shoot. The photo shoot must also not disturb other customers or the staff in any way. It is polite to ask for permission to take pictures if there are people in the background. To ensure privacy rights of children, photo shoots are forbidden in the children’s section on the 3rd floor. If a photo shoot requires any customer facilities to be made unavailable, the shoot must be carried out outside opening hours.

Oodi can be used for photo shoots outside its opening hours for a fee in accordance with the price list. To request more information:

See the price list for Oodi’s fee-based facilities

Oodi material bank

This material bank contains information and images on Helsinki Central Library Oodi. You may reproduce the content of this material bank with editorial content related to Oodi. Other use is prohibited. Please remember to mention the name of the photographer or copyright holder when publishing any image.

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Oodi’s Press Releases

Press releases concerning Oodi can be found via the STT Info portal which can be accessed via the City of Helsinki website’s Culture and leisure activities newsroom.

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