Oodi’s Facilities

We welcome you to work, hold meetings and organise events at Oodi!

Available Facilities at Oodi

Oodi has ample space for both silent and noisier activities. We can help you organise a big event, such as a conference, cooking class or concert. At the same time, we also have facilities for quieter activities, such as reading, working and meetings. Read more about our versatile facilities below!

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Maijansali is a multi-purpose space on the 1st floor. It’s perfect for various events, such as lectures, workshops, and performances.

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Kino Regina

Kino Regina is an auditorium-type space on the 1st floor. It’s well suited for lectures, film screenings, and different events.

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The glass-walled Kuutio on the 2nd floor is great for meetings and training events.

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Aura is ideal for events requiring audio and video technology, such as meetings, small seminars, and workshops. It’s located on the 2nd floor.

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Oodi’s small-group kitchen on the 2nd floor can be used for cooking together.

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Pop-up area

Small pop-up events can be held on Oodi’s first floor.

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Group rooms

Oodi has ten group rooms of varying sizes on the 2nd floor. Depending on their size, the rooms can be booked for 4–16 persons.

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Oodi has six small workspaces on the 2nd floor. Depending on their size, the rooms can be booked for 1–6 persons.

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Reading room

Oodi has a reading room that can be used for reading and quiet work. The reading room cannot be reserved. The reading room is located on Oodi’s second floor.

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Seating steps

The seating steps, located on Oodi’s second floor, can be used for laid-back independent work or small group-work tasks.


Work desks

Oodi’s third floor has work desks, each equipped with a reading light and power sockets. On Oodi’s second floor, behind the Kuutio space, is a working area with separate electric work desks.

Work desks with adjustable height

On the south end of the second floor, near the plant wall there are work desks whose height can be adjusted. The desks are equipped with power sockets.


Game rooms

Oodi has three console gaming rooms on the second floor that can be reserved. You need a Helmet library card to access the console gaming rooms.

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Oodi has different music studios on the second floor, a recording studio with its own control room, and photograph and video studios.

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The Citizen’s Balcony

Oodi’s third floor balcony is open during the summer season. The balcony can be used for having coffee, reading, and working, all while admiring the beautiful view towards Töölönlahti Bay.

Saarikoski rug

On the southern end of the third floor, the Saarikoski art rug is an event space for literature events for adults.

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Children’s area

The children’s area on the third floor offers a space for a relaxed stay and immersion in stories

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Children’s story room

The north end of Oodi’s third floor is the library’s children’s section. A secret door found in one of its bookshelves leads into a nest-like story room.


Organise an event

Do you want to organise an event at Oodi? Oodi is a place that welcomes small and large event organisers alike.



Using facilities

Please be sure to also read the terms of use of Oodi’s facilities.

The user rules for the public facilities

The user rules for the grouprooms

The user rules for the fee-based facilities



Particular attention was paid to accessibility when designing Oodi. All our facilities are accessible.