What is Oodi? / Oodi in plain English 

Oodi in plain English 

Welcome to Central Library Oodi! 

Oodi is not the main library, but a library that serves the city centre. 

The library is a place where all people are equal.
Everyone is welcome to spend time at Oodi. 

Our staff is here to help you.
Just ask if you need help at the library. 

What is Oodi? 

Oodi is a library in the centre of Helsinki.
The library is open to everyone,
and you can use the library for free. 

Oodi is a place where you can spend time by yourself
or with friends and family.
You can find books and magazines in many languages
in the library. 

You can use the computer and internet for free in Oodi.
The library also has many other machines and devices
that you can use.


The library organises many free events and activities,
such as author interviews, concerts and book clubs. 

Events at Oodi (not in plain English)

Learn to speak Finnish

If you want to learn to speak Finnish,
you can participate in conversation groups at Oodi.
You can also borrow textbooks
for Finnish language courses from the library. 

Multilingual services (not in plain English)

Library card 

The library card is the library’s membership card.
Everyone who lives in Finland can get a library card.
If you want a library card, please come to the library
and bring your identification card.
Your first library card is free. 

You can borrow books, films, games and magazines
with your library card.
You can use the same library card for all public libraries
in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
The Helsinki Metropolitan Area includes
the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa.

The public libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
are called Helmet libraries.
You can find more information about the libraries
on the Helmet website. 

More information about the library card (not in plain English)

Children’s area 

Oodi has an area for children and families
where you can read books and play games with your child. 

The library has children’s books and magazines
in many languages.
You can also find board games and films for children. 

Oodi is a popular meeting place for families.
You can find new friends
and meet new people in the library. 

Please remember to look after your children in the library.
Children cannot be left alone in Oodi.

More information about services for children and families (not in plain English)

How to book a machine, studio or game room?

Use the Varaamo service to book a machine,
studio or game room.

Remember to read the information and instructions
in the Varaamo service before booking.

Urban Workshop

Oodi has a workshop area called Urban Workshop.
You can use different machines or learn new skills
in the workshop area. For example, you can use a sewing machine,
edit photos on a computer or print posters. 

You can use the machines and devices for free,
but you must pay for paper and other materials that you use. 

More information about the Urban Workshop (not in plain English)


Oodi has studio spaces where you can create music or take photographs, for example. You can also borrow instruments from the library to use in the studio.

You can use the studio for free, but you must book it in advance. Remember to bring your library card and identification card when you come to the studio.

Browse studios in the Varaamo service (not in plain English)

Game rooms

Oodi has game rooms where you can play video games.
If you want to use a game room, you must book it in advance.
To use a game room, you need a library card. 

More information about gaming services (not in plain English)

Group rooms 

Oodi is a great place to study and work.
There are many areas in the library
where you can sit and use your laptop. 

You can also book a room for yourself for 1–3 hours.
Book a room if you want a quiet space
or you are meeting with a group.
Use the Varaamo service to book a room. 

Browse group rooms in the Varaamo service (not in plain English)