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Visiting the children’s area in Oodi


Customers have embraced the children’s area in Oodi, which is a source of great joy for us. Sometimes, the northern end of the third floor is positively teeming with people. While this is great, there have also been instances of great liveliness where our customers forget that Oodi is a library. In order, to make everyone’s visit to the library safe and comfortable, we ask our customers to follow these basic rules of conduct while at the library. 

We want the library to be a peaceful place for everyone, which is why, instead of running around, we walk, and instead of shouting, we talk at a moderate volume. Oodi is a playful place, but it is not a playground for boisterous games. 

For safety reasons, climbing in Oodi is not allowed. You may not climb over the rails, nor any trees or the walls of the Story Room. If you want to climb, the Makasiininpuisto Park next to Oodi has a playground and a climbing frame that are perfect for it. 

Children are always the responsibility of their grown-ups, who are not allowed to leave their children unattended for even a moment. We are more than happy to help our customers with matters related to the library, but we cannot be responsible for looking after children. 

Prams and pushchairs must be left at the pram park by the wall with windows. Since there may be dozens of prams at the library at the same time, they cannot be stored in the other areas for safety reasons. Keeping the prams and the dirt they bring with them away from the other areas becomes even more important when we consider our smallest customers, who crawl on the floors. 

You can eat and play in the children’s area, but please clean up after yourself. Books that have been read can be placed in the trollies at the end of the shelves, where library staff will collect them and return them to their proper places. Books do not belong on the floor. If there is a spill or some other accident, please notify the staff so that we can call the cleaner. 

In the upper loft you can find fun folding screens designed by Skidit that have nice mini-games and puzzles. These are not intended to be used as building blocks and must not be detached from one another, as that will damage them. 

Although Oodi is a public space and taking pictures here is allowed, all kinds of photography and videotaping is prohibited in the children’s area. We want children and their adults to be able to visit the library in peace and maintain their privacy. 

“When we all follow these rules, spending time at Oodi is safe and pleasant for us all. We warmly welcome all children, young people and families to Oodi!” 

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