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The renovated children’s section at Oodi invites visitors to read books


The popular children’s section located on the third floor of the Central Library Oodi has been renovated during the spring. The renovated children’s section offers a comfortable space for the whole family to read and play together, as well as activities and puzzles for children of all ages. The opening of the children’s section will take place on 11 June.

Families with children are one of Oodi’s largest user groups. The first years of activity of the Central Library, opened in 2018, have shown what the children’s section concretely needs. The renovation of the children’s section has taken into account the users’ wishes, which particularly emphasised the need for spaces to relax and read, as well as activities to promote school-age children’s reading.

Anna-Maria Soininvaara, Director of Central Library Oodi, is delighted with the renovation of the children’s section:

“Children and families are a large and important customer base at Oodi, and it is very important to us that the facilities for them work as well as possible. We believe that the section, renovated according to families’ wishes, will attract visitors to find fun things to read and do at Oodi’s best location, under the magic trees. We warmly welcome all children to enjoy the improved facilities designed specifically for them as well as all families to come and read together!”

Reading groves and puzzles invite visitors to the world of literature

Among the most visible new features in the section are the reading groves designed by architect and musician Tuomas Toivonen, where visitors can relax by reading and studying books. The trees in the reading groves are felled silver willows from Helsinki, which needed to be repurposed. Thanks to the renovation of the children’s section, one purpose was found at Oodi.

In addition to providing a space to relax, the children’s section offers puzzles and activities for both small and school-age children. The Skidit collective has come up with a series of activity stations in the loft and event space, including activities such as sudokus and poetry and picture exercises. In addition, more sofas and plants have been brought into the children’s section. The interactive story wall in the event space has been equipped with cushions and seats and is freely available to all visitors when there are no activities in the space. Beginning in autumn, playground Loru will once again offer activities in the children’s section for families with children in the mornings and afternoons.

Opening will take place on Sunday, 11 June

The opening of the children’s section will take place on the second weekend of June, featuring children’s music and a multilingual clown show by MooClown. Writer Laura Ertimo and illustrator Satu Kontinen will hold a non-stop workshop where visitors will have the opportunity to create a map of an enchanted Helsinki. At the main entrance of Oodi, visitors may create their own greeting to Oodi and the City of Helsinki. The opening event starts at 12:00 and ends at 16:00.

Opening program

Photo: Daniel Leiviskä

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