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Oodi is participating in the Lahjoita lämpöä! campaign


The Lahjoita lämpöä! (‘Donate Warmth!’) campaign organised by the A-Clinic Foundation involves collecting woollen gloves, knitted gloves and woollen socks for the homeless and clients of low-threshold services.

The autumn and its cold temperatures are fast approaching, and many homeless people and low-threshold clients lack weather-appropriate clothing. In response, the A-Clinic Foundation and EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention have organised a collection that allows anyone to help by knitting warm accessories for those in need of them.

Woollen accessories can be dropped off until the end of November at libraries participating in the campaign. The collection is only open for new products, which will be distributed to service locations all around Finland.

“We asked our field workers what kind of needs clients currently have with the autumn and winter approaching, and the response was that it would be great to provide them with woollen and knitted gloves. We are hoping to receive products for all genders and for hands and feet of different sizes, if possible,” says Communications Planner Annuska Dal Maso from the A-Clinic Foundation.

Lahjoita lämpöä collection points can be found at Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Kallio, Laajasalo, Lauttasaari, Malmi, Maunula, Oodi, Oulunkylä, Pohjois-Haaga, Puistola, Rikahardinkatu, Suutarila, Tapanila, Tapulinkaupunki, Töölö and Vuosaari libraries.

There are also collection points at other libraries in Finland. For the details of all collection points and knitting instructions (in Finnish), please visit the A-Clinic Foundation’s website.

Visit the A-Clinic Foundation's website

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