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Interactive touch wall in Oodi’s children’s section


On Saturday, 23 October, an interactive fairytale wall will be introduced in the children’s section of Central Library Oodi. Touching a smart wall lets you watch and listen to a music fairytale based on classical music, play games, paint or play music.

The first music fairy tale to be experienced on the fairytale wall is Mary the Heart Singer, which emphasises the importance of nature conservation and is set to the music of Jean Sibelius and Leevi Madetoja. The story of the music fairytale to be seen in Oodi on Saturday was written by Noora Nikka, illustrated by Emiel Inkeri Nikula and played by Teemu Laasanen.

The fairytale wall also features a game world and a touch-operated fantasy instrument that lets you invent your own music or play with others. Children can also, for example, paint northern lights in the sky or send autumn leaves flying with their hand movements.

The fairytale wall will remain in Oodi permanently and is intended to be used, for example, at storytimes and various events.

The fairytale wall is a co-production of MusicFairyTales, which specialises in creating music fairytales, and OiOi, which specialises in interactive digital installations. The project has been supported by AVEK and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Opening programme of Oodi’s fairytale wall

On Saturday, 23 October at 5 p.m.
Mary the Heart Singer -music fairytale in English (45 mins) + free playing with the Fairytale Wall.

Free admission, welcome all ages!

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