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Helsinki City Library invites you to share and read empowering books


Helsinki City Library’s spring is all about books of power. Let us remind each other of the joy of reading, especially in these difficult times. Reading can be a source of comfort, joy or new perspectives in different situations in life. Reading takes you to another world and a different state of mind.

What is your book of power? Is there a story behind it? What caused the need for the book? Pay it forward and share your book of power on social media or at the participatory book of power exhibitions of the libraries. You can recommend any kind of book you want: a novel, a crime novel, a comic book, a non-fiction book or even a bedtime story.

Add your book of power to the library’s book of power exhibition and borrow new ones

In May, the libraries in Helsinki have exhibitions dedicated to books of power, where you can share your own book of power to inspire others. Get a book from the library’s shelf that has given you strength in some life situation and write an accompanying note as to why you chose that particular book. Put the note inside the book and add the book as part of the exhibition. Explore the choices made by others and borrow books that interests you.

Share your book of power on social media and find inspiration

Share your book of power and the story behind it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The style is free! On Instagram and Facebook, please include the hashtag #voimakirja and the social media account of Helsinki City Library @kirjastohelsinki. In Twitter, the hashtag #voimakirja is sufficient.

Helsinki City Library’s Instagram account will be filled with inspiring book of power recommendations and stories throughout May. Click to join and find new books to read!

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