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Ääreen – interactive dolphin pods and animations at Oodi


Ääreen is a project that showcases Finnish and international interactive, documentary animations. Running throughout October in Helsinki Central Library Oodi, the programme consists of exhibitions, screenings, discussions and interviews that bring together experts from a broad range of disciplines and offer multidisciplinary experiences for the public.

The Ääreen project started last autumn with an open call for interactive documentary animation to be presented at Oodi’s Kuutio premise. Among the received proposals, the jury chose for production a project called “In another’s skin. Bio sonar – How it is to swim with dolphins?” by Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa. The aim of the artists is to translate dolphins’ underwater world to a form understandable to humans, and to offer an immersive art experience that increases empathy. The work is supported by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) and it is on show from 7th to 31st October.

Throughout October, the large screens in the Oodi lobby will feature animations curated by the Finnish Animation Guild along with experimental animations by Aalto University students. Works by graduate and minor students of the Aalto University animation programme will be presented at special screenings from 28 to 31 October. In addition, animation workshops for children and young people are organised.

Every Thursday, Ääreen offers programme at Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Interviews and discussions feature animators who talk about their work and its background. The events are also streamed online.


7.10. Ääreen Artist talk: Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa

14.10. Ääreen Master class: Uri Kranot (ANIDOX, Tanska)

21.10. Ääreen Artist talk: Animaatiokilta

28.10. Ääreen celebrates the International Animation Day

14-16 Panel discussion on the interplay between animation and documentary. Panellists: Ami Lindholm, Leena Kilpeläinen, Reetta Neittaanmäki, Reetta Aalto. Moderator: Outi Rousu. Arranged with the Finnish Documentary Guild.

16:30 Kino Regina presents a screening of animated documents curated by Turku Animated Film Festival.

More detailed information about the events and their schedules will be announced later in Oodi’s event calendar.

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The Ääreen project is a joint effort by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oodi Central Library, Finnish Animation Guild, Turku Animated Film Festival, Artists’ Association MUU, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Aalto University, Danish ANIDOX forum, National Audiovisual Institute KAVI and the Finnish Documentary Guild.

More info:

Sanna Huttunen
Special librarian, Oodi Central Library
sanna.m.huttunen(a), tel. 040 186 3042

Annika Dahlsten
Regional artist, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
annika.dahlsten(a), tel. 02 9533 0907

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