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The work of art in the spiral staircase of Oodi can now be experienced online


The art installation ‘Omistuskirjoitus’ (Dedication) located in the public staircase of Oodi has been expanded to the Oodi website. The electronic add-on designed by artist Otto Karvonen now brings the piece to an even wider audience. The add-on features the words of the piece in ten different languages and read aloud.

“Omistuskirjoitus is a strongly visual, Finnish-language work of art that is located in the staircase of the library. Unfortunately, this prevents many people with reduced eyesight or mobility, as well as people who do not understand Finnish, from experiencing the piece. I wanted to improve the situation while also examining on a more general level how accessibility and reachability could be applied to public art,” Karvonen explains.

Otto Karvonen’s work is a dedication to the visitors of the library – and to those who do not frequent the library. The piece features dedications collected through a public campaign in which anyone could suggest who the library should be dedicated to. The piece reminds us that the library genuinely belongs to everyone, regardless of people’s origin, age, wealth or any other factor. The library aims for basic human rights, such as the right to access information and freedom of speech, to apply equally to everyone.

The words painted in the public staircase of Oodi were chosen by a panel assembled by the artist. The order of the words was generated randomly, and the piece is not meant to be read in any specific direction. Various connections and parallels may form between words close to one another, but that is up to the spectator.

See Omistuskirjoitus online

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