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The Helmet Activist Diploma campaign encourages environmental action


Knowledge increases understanding of the ecological crisis, but to change direction, we also need action.

Library Encourages Activism is the spring 2023 campaign of Helmet libraries to encourage people to take environmental action with an activist diploma. The activist diploma is meant to offer inspiration and support for exploring different ways of taking action and making a difference. People can complete the challenges in the way they wish and in the order that suits them.

Through the campaign, we want to support everyone’s opportunities to participate and take action on a matter that concerns all of us. Especially in challenging times, libraries can enable safe social discussion based on knowledge. The Library Encourages Activism campaign is a continuation of the climate book clubs of libraries and last spring’s Climate Talks tour of the Helsinki City Library.

Throughout their existence, public libraries have played an important role in strengthening democracy, literacy and freedom of speech. The ecological crisis is also a social and cultural crisis that affects us all, and the library has a responsibility to participate and support activities.

Through library activities, we can support eco-social education, an understanding of the necessity of moderation on a limited Earth, and the ability and willingness to imagine alternative futures and make them come true with others. We want to support people’s climate literacy, which will help them navigate the world of climate and environmental discussion and of building solutions.

Civil society actors are also essential, so the campaign is carried out in cooperation with non-governmental organisations (NGOs). A diverse environmental movement can provide everyone with the most natural way for them to get involved and take action.

The NGOs involved in the campaign include the Activist Grannies, Dodo ry, Pro Ethical Trade Finland, Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion Finland, Greenpeace Finland, Helsinki branch of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Hiilivapaa Suomi (Coal-free Finland), Ilmastovanhemmat (Climate Parents), the Finnish Nature League, Friends of the Earth Finland and Friends of the Earth Helsinki, Our Forests, ProMartat, PSLifestyle project/Sitra, WWF Finland and Zero Waste Finland.

We also encourage participants to explore other NGOs with an open mind and encourage NGOs to make their own activities part of the campaign by using the #aktivistidiplomi hashtag.

The campaign starts during the week of 6–12 February and lasts until the end of May.

Read more about the diploma

Campaign coordinators at Helsinki City Library:

Johanna Juvonen

Tuula Rönkä

Liisa Uimonen


Picture: Marja Hautala / Muuks

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