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Thank you for your feedback!


We have received a lot of customer feedback and especially a lot of requests regarding our services. We strive to fulfill our customer’s wishes when possible. In this series, we will highlight and respond to a few of those.

Can I donate books to Oodi?

Unfortunately, Oodi is unable to accept donations. Books can be donated to other Helmet-libraries, and those libraries can pass on donations to other customers, for example through a recycling cart. You can ask the library staff for more information!

Is there a separate space for breastfeeding in Oodi?

A quite space for breastfeeding is located on the third-floors childcare room, which also has a chair for breastfeeding.

Do I simply have to know where 1.791 is? Is there no map that shows all the shelf numbers? It would be handy if there were one!

We frequently get feedback and requests regarding shelf maps. It would of course be handy to have a map that shows the location of the desired shelf. Various material maps have been tested out in libraries around the world, for example in paper version, digital versions, 3D versions, mobile versions and even flickering shelf, but unfortunately they have failed to serve the customers. To facilitate locating, various maps and material plans have been tested out in Oodi, but they have not worked in practice. However, the library staff is always ready to help you find the work you want.

Sometimes implementation is easy and quick, sometimes it takes time or worst case, and it does not work at all. We are always happy to receive feedback and you can give it to us either face-to-face at Oodi, by email at or through the city’s feedback system.

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