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Oodi’s second floor to open for customers on 28 December


Helsinki Central Library Oodi will open for the public on 5 December. Some of Oodi’s premises and services will become available for use by customers in the coming months.

All premises on the third floor will be available for use by customers already on 5 December. Additionally, most of the services on the first floor will be available for use from the opening day on, with the exception of Kino Regina, which will open in early 2019.

During the opening celebrations on 5–6 December, Oodi’s second floor will feature a great variety of events. After the opening celebrations, the premises and services on the second floor will again be available for use on Friday 28 December. The second floor is a space for working, learning by doing, interaction and being together, hosting the studios, gaming premises, urban workshop as well as premises for conference and group use.

“We want to make sure our staff fully know how to use all the equipment and devices in Oodi and to assist our customers in their use. Some equipment are still on their way to Oodi. The building will get completed, but the library itself will never be ready. Oodi and its services will continue to change and develop,” says Director of Oodi Anna-Maria Soininvaara.

From Friday 28 December on, the following services and premises will be available for use:

3D printers
Vinyl cutter
Sewing machines, overlocker, coverstitch machine, and sewing machine for embroidery
Badge machines
Customer computers
Group premises 1–10
Conference rooms, 6 pcs

Other premises and services on the second floor will be opened in 2019 as follows:

Cube: in January
Studios: February–March
Large format printer: in spring
Electronics workstations: in spring
Cutters: in spring
UV printer: in spring
Laser cutter: in spring
Gaming services: in spring
Media workstations: in spring

Week 50 will see the opening of Central Library Oodi’s reservation calendar in City of Helsinki’s premises and equipment reservation service, Varaamo: Reservations of free-of-charge group premises are accepted for 28 December and onwards. Reservations of event premises subject to a charge, the auditorium and Maijansali are accepted for week 3 and onwards.

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