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New art at Oodi in August


Transformations Beyond the Ecstatic
Videoinstallation and soundscape
Christian Saldert & Axel Boman
Kuutio – Oodi, Helsinki 25.7.-21.8.2022

Transformations Beyond the Ecstatic takes a look at a world beyond dystopia and utopia. The work is a collection of moments, instances and thinking. Christian Saldert uses nudist films from the 1950-70s as his source material. He collects the actual nature parts of these films and creates the bodies anew. Forms and shapes are filled by the sea, flowers, birds and foliage of trees.

In addition to this imagery, a focal part of the installation is its soundscape. Saldert has invited music producer Axel Boman to create a sound world from this same source material. Boman has created the soundscape as its own entity.


The House of Recordings
Lukas Malte Hoffmann
Oodi’s Book Heaven, 1.8.-21.8.2022

The House of Recordings is a project conceived for Helsinki Central Library Oodi by artist Lukas Malte Hoffmann.

The House of Recordings explores the interrelation of technology, human beings and knowledge. The brain-shaped sculpture sits within the library holding a curated selection of books. The book list itself features over 100 titles. The books are available to read in the library or take out on loan with a library card. Gender, race and class, and the history of technology, are at the core of the project.

The House of Recordings looks to share a commitment to envisioning a positive future and offers an argument to imagine just change.

The House of Recordings sculpture

The sculpture “The House of Recordings” by Lukas Malte Hoffmann, installed at Oodi library, Helsinki. Photo by Ikko Alaska.

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