The user rules for the public facilities

By using central library Oodi’s facilities, you agree to follow these user rules. The following user rules apply in Oodi’s public areas, including the 2nd-floor reading hall, learning facilities and shared facilities, as well as the open workspaces on all floors.

1. Users must leave the facilities in the same condition they were in when they arrived. Please use the bins for any waste!

2. A user will be liable to pay compensation for any damage to the property, furniture or fixtures resulting from their use. All accidents must be immediately reported to the library staff.

3. Events held in the facilities may not cause disruption to the library’s other activities, customers or users.

4. The content or nature of an event or activity organised in the facilities must not violate Finnish law or good conduct.

5. While the facilities are not intended for sleeping, nodding off briefly in a seated position is acceptable.

6. If necessary, the library has the right, at its discretion, to interrupt an activity being held in its facilities, if it comes to light that the rules stated above are being or have been violated.

7. Please note that the principles for a safer space are in use throughout Oodi.

Eating at central library Oodi

The following are allowed:

  • Eating small snacks on all floors.
  • Having a meal at Oodi’s restaurant or café. You may also take drinks and food purchased from the café with you to other parts of Oodi, unless specifically prohibited in an area.
  • Using the catering services of Oodi’s restaurant in Oodi’s facilities.

The following are not allowed:

  • Eating food near the library’s computers and other devices.
  • Eating foods with strong odours in the public areas.
  • Eating in Kino Regina.
  • Ordering catering services to Oodi from any other operator apart from Oodi’s restaurant.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages outside the designated area at Oodi’s restaurant.

Paid facilities and group facilities have their own rules.

Read the user rules for the fee-based facilities

Read the user rules for the group rooms