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Echoes – exposure and synchrony at the Oodi library 


Kaikuja – Ekon – Echoes is an artistic project crystallising the multi-year collaboration between Helsinki’s Central Library Oodi and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike). The varied series of exhibitions, workshops, performances, and lectures has over the course of three years brought together experts from different fields in an unprejudiced manner, and presented multidisciplinary artistic experiences to the wider public.

Echoes is a condensation extracted from a technology/arts project that has placed emphasis on novel combinations of expertise, along with new openings in the fields of media art, animation, and interactive art. Echoes finds its peak in the exhibition Faith is a Blindspot of Permanence by visual artist Niko Luoma, to be presented 6–30 October in Oodi’s Kuutio space. Summing up the whole project, the publication Kaikuja – Ekon – Echoes will be released at the closing event at Oodi on 27 October. The publication serves to showcase the wide variety of makers and their works who have contributed to the multi-year project.  


Faith is a Blindspot of Permanence  

Niko Luoma
Working Group
Soundscape: Timo Lassy
Technical implementation: Teemu Nurmelin and Sami Hagelberg
Curator: Aura Seikkula
The Cube in Oodi 6-30 October 

Using camera, light, and film as his materials, Niko Luoma’s working process is analogue. Luoma constructs his pieces with several overlapping exposures on one frame and one film. He claims that technically, his work happens inside of the camera, rather than behind or in front of it. Here, the exposure becomes content and the process becomes manifested in images.  

For Oodi’s Kuutio space, Luoma creates a completely new work, a constant flow of these manifested images that capture the speed of seeing, the speed of hearing and the speed of existing in a space.  Faith is a Blindspot of Permanence is a collaborative creation, where the surrounding soundscape by saxophonist and composer Timo Lassy creates a persistent dialogue.  

“Nowness and the limits of memory can be the broader concepts of the piece. It aims to maintain the viewer’s focus on the present moment by variating and repeating simple but specific forms and colours randomly renewing themselves without specific end. The soundtrack by Timo Lassy is the improvised result of this experience that constantly refreshes its reflection to the visual composition without synchronisation. My approach was to write a piece that can be both consumed as a visual and auditory experience of now”, says Luoma. 



Sanna Huttunen  

Specialised Librarian, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, sanna.m.huttunen(a), Tel. +358 40 186 3042   


Annika Dahlsten  

Regional Artist, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), annika.dahlsten(a), Tel. +358 29 533 0907 

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