Go Strange. Performance Event

3.9.2023 16:00

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Go Strange. Performance Event

This dance and music performance explores the lived experiences of something that feels familiar and strange at the same time. It uses movement, sound and intention to produce generators that offer gateways into altered states. It meets, familiarises and recycles these states.

Throughout the work there is a play with expanded representations of human identities. The use of bodies, both human and object, attempts to slip between the everyday, the absurd and the otherworldly.

The dancing body becomes a musical instrument? The towels clear the psychokinetic delusional field! I put my head in the water.

Go Strange is imagined, created and performed by Jacqueline Aylward, Maja Kalafatić and Jesse Ojajärvi. These artists, coming from different countries and different cultural environments/landscapes are sharing and rebuilding their relations by making together.

To be performed in Kesälahti, Helsinki, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

This work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Čiča Mičino Pozorište Belgrade, Dom kulture Studentski grad Belgrade, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, The Finnish Cultural Foundation’s North Karelia Regional Fund, Kulturanova Novi Sad and Sovintola Kesälahti.

Free admission

Duration: 45min (approximately)

The performance is open for everyone, welcome!