Supersaturation: Art, science and virtual technology about climate change

17.5.2019 18:00

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

1. floor Maijansali

Clouds are held by currents of air yet without atmospheric aerosols, there would be no clouds. A formless form, a shifting event space, open to multiple possibilities and projections, yet real, active and current. Sometimes the cloud touches the surface of the Earth, sometimes it reaches to the future – and for a fleeting moment the cloud is before us.

The boundaries of art, science and technology become blurred when the invisible, the inaccessible and the unknown intersect in Supersaturation. The multidisciplinary event looks into atmospheric phenomena, the formation of clouds and most recent climate science research. Atmospheric aerosol particles are the hyperflux of climate change: thus their rapid formation and effects on Earth’s climate sensitivity need to be continuously observed and measured.

The programme includes a dialogue about climate change between academian of science Markku Kulmala and artist Josefina Nelimarkka as well as art and music actualising from the air measured in real-time from the atmosphere by pianists Tapio Viitasaari and Johanna Tarkkanen. Virtual technology brings the formation of aerosols and cloud droplets to the audience and makes visible the complex interactions of climate change, through artistic means. A mobile application rendering the invisible world of air tangible in augmented reality (AR) will be presented at the eventa collaboration between Josefina Nelimarkka and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research INAR.