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Come work for us

Internships for foreign students

We are unable to have foreign students as interns at Oodi. We do not have enough personnel to ensure comprehensive familiarisation with the tasks or interesting assignments for interns who are unable to serve customers in Finnish.

Language practice vacancies

There are no language practice vacancies at Oodi.

Temporary and permanent positions

All permanent positions and temporary contracts with a duration of more than six months will be posted publicly on the Helsinkirekry website (available in Finnish and Swedish).

Go to the Helsinkirekry website

TET work practice

The next TET work practice places will be available for fall 2024. You can send your application to email: oodi@hel.fi.

TET work practice is an introduction to working life that usually takes place during the 8th and 9th grade of comprehensive school. During TET, pupils get to see what is done in different professions and experience working life for themselves. TET work practice at Oodi involves shelving and maintaining order in the bookshelves in Book Heaven on the third floor of Oodi.

Operation a Day’s Work

Unfortunately, we are unable to have schoolchildren at Oodi for fundraising for development aid.

Partners at Oodi

Many partner organisations, such as the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI), Food & Co. and Playground Loru, are located in Oodi. They all have their own employees and recruitment systems.

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