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What do the librarians at Oodi do while the libraries are closed?


Harri Annala

That we are living in extraordinary times due to the corona virus has unlikely gone unnoticed to anyone. All libraries in Finland shuttered their doors on March 18, Oodi included.

This does not mean that work has ceased for us librarians. During the weeks ahead, you can read here what is happening behind the scenes while Oodi is closed to the public.

When Oodi opened in December of 2018, it was in many ways unfinished. As the fascinated and curious public surged in, staff was still undergoing orientation. We had to focus predominantly on the immediacy of customer service. As a result, the launch of some of our services and facilities were left temporarily in limbo. Now however, many of us have a chance to catch up and familiarize ourselves with how to use the equipment found in the urban workshop for example. Thus, when we reopen our doors, we will be better prepared to serve you.


Robotics, inventory work and streamed events

The development work with our robotics continues, even though Oodi is closed. Patu now gets to take a break from hauling books up to Book Heaven since there are no items circulating. However, this allows us to run some tests with Veera, our social orientated robot.

On the top floor’s Book Heaven, we are taking inventory, locating misplaced books, and performing other maintenance work on the collection so that it will be in great shape when we reopen.

These are some of the tasks and projects that will be illustrated here during the coming weeks.

We are eagerly devising other ways to bring the library and its content directly to people since they cannot visit here. This blog is one example of that ardent intent. Even as I write, some of my colleagues are fervently busy setting up equipment so that we can stream a variety of content directly to you. And while they are being careful to maintain a safe distance from each other, the aim is to bring us all closer together!

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