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The Urban Workshop’s services are opening


The large-format printer, vinyl cutter, and studios 5 and 6 will open to the public on June 16. The online Varaamo reservation service will begin accepting reservations on June 12.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we cannot provide close personal guidance with the equipment. It is highly advised to read the user instructions beforehand and carefully prepare your work in advance. A link to simplified user instructions can be found on the Varaamo website.

The Urban Workshop needs to be safe for all users: only come to the library if you are not sick, keep a safe distance from others, and maintain good hand hygiene when using any of the equipment.

We are actively following the corona situation. We are designing our services to be used safely, and will make changes if necessary.

Welcome to the Urban Workshop!

Reservations and additional info can be found on Varaamo

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