Reshape 2019

Reshaping lives and libraries

May 6th – 7th, Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Welcome to Reshape 2019, hosted by Oodi for the first time! Come and experience the conference and library that will reshape your life – forever!

Registration is now open and the full program announced:

– Tomi Tuomainen and Antti Liukkonen (FIN): Evolutionary Stages of Siili: Enabling Autonomy and Self-Management
– Linda Liukas (FIN): How to be a human in the age of technology?
Alex Clifton (UK): Storyhouse: free speech and a good night out
Ineke van der Kramer (NL): Self-managing teams in the University Library – a good idea? 
– FailCamp workshop (UK): Striving towards success through failures
– Olli Ohls and Sanna Huttunen (FIN): Making library robots a reality (through innovation)
– Laura Norris (FIN): Oodi – The new way of working
Interesting Pecha Kucha talks

In addition . . .
– A tour of Oodi
– Hands-on activities at Oodi
– International Opening: cocktail party

See below for more detailed information

Reshape 2019 will also be streamed. You can follow the conference online here.

Reshape 2019 program

This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives and Libraries. It will examine our changing work culture and how digital innovations are affecting how we work.

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About Reshape 2019 conference

Reshape 2019 gathers librarians and other professionals from different countries to Helsinki, Finland. This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives and Libraries. It will examine our changing work culture and how digital innovations are affecting how we work.

There will be speakers from various fields, from both the public and private sectors, offering their approaches and experiences. New digital services and methods of working will be on display. And all of this of course will be held in the recently opened Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

We will also be holding an evening cocktail event to celebrate the international opening of Oodi.

Welcome to Reshape 2019 at Helsinki Central Library Oodi! 



Registration fee is €200. This includes conference participation, lunches, and entrance to the evening event.


Tomi Tuomainen

Technical Director
Siili Solutions
Helsinki, Finland

Tomi has been working 20 years in software development and nine years in Siili. He has been helping business to grow in various roles, but still likes to commit part of his time on hands-on work and coding with passion. Currently Tomi is driving organizational changes by leading Siili Growth Board for autonomous teams and self-management.

Tomi’s book tip:
Frederic Laloux: Reinventing Organizations

Antti Liukkonen

Director, People & Business Development
Siili Solutions
Helsinki, Finland

Antti has been working 20 years is a field of IT meets Business. With roots in Information Management and Business Development. Hardwired to innovativeness and positive mindset. Currently Antti is leading Siili People Development & lean-transformation activities and in client facing side planning & accelerate Digitalization of Businesses to our Customers.

Antti’s book tip:
Brian J. Robertson: Holacracy

Linda Liukas

Programmer, storyteller, illustrator
Linda Liukas
Helsinki, Finland

Linda is the author and Illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls, a global movement to teach young women programming in over 270 cities. She loves Muji, Zelda Fitzgerald, software and sparkly things. Currently she is a TED Resident in New York.

Ineke van der Kramer

Manager, Library Learning Center
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Neatherlands

Ineke has worked in libraries most of her career, with a sidestep into the medical world for 9 years. In those years she learned a lot about managing people and it fired up her interest in psychology. For the last 10 years she has been working for the Erasmus University Library as a manager of several departments. She loves change and helping people to see that change is a fact and that it can be great fun.

Ineke’s book tip:
Dick Schwaab: We are our brains

Alex Clifton

Artistic Director
Cheshire, UK

Alex is Artistic Director of Storyhouse and co-founded Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre. After graduating with a first-class degree in English from Oxford, Alex worked as Assistant Director for The National Theatre. He has been heavily involved in community and education projects throughout his career, making plays with children in Soweto, teenagers at Theresienstadt concentration camp, parent asylum- seekers in Surrey and elderly women in Hackney.

Alex’s book tip:
Deborah Levy: The Cost of Living

Olli Ohls

Robotics Engineer
Helsinki, Finland

Olli’s journey into Social Robotics started when he built Finland’s first life-size Humanoid Robot using a 3D-printer. The robot has been used in many Human-Robot Interaction scenarios like teaching sign language basics to autistic children, acting as an autonomous black jack croupier or co-teaching dance lessons. Currently he works at Futurice helping companies and organizations understand how to apply social robots to reimagine their business.

Olli’s book tip:
Thomas Rid: Rise of the Machines, A cybernetic history

Sanna Huttunen

Sanna Huttunen, Specialized librarian
Central Library Oodi, Helsinki City Library
Helsinki, Finland

Sanna is working as a Specialized Librarian in the Central Library Oodi. Her responsibilities include developing the Makerspace services together with other librarians but also with several partners from local companies, associations, schools and patrons. Her target is to create equal possibilities for all citizens to get inspired, learn, create and develop their skills. She has been working in libraries for the past five years. Her background lies in visual arts and she thinks that a library should be a hub for creativity as well as an open and safe space for all.

Sanna’s book tip: Robertson Davies: The Cunning Man

Laura Norris

Service  Manager
Central Library Oodi,
Helsinki City Library
Helsinki, Finland

Laura is a Service Manager at the Central Library Oodi, which is the new public library in Helsinki. She has been in the library business for over 15 years.  Her passion is in leadership, now developing the Teal way of working together with the Oodi staff. Developing the future library together with patrons as well as putting the strategy into action with the 54 staff members in Oodi is a thrilling adventure.

Laura’s book tip:
C. J. Sansom: The Matthew Shardlake Series

Sue Lawson

Service Development Coordinator
Manchester Public Libraries
Manchester, UK

Sue works as a librarian for Manchester Public Libraries involved in intellectual property in the Business and  Intellectual Property Centre in Manchester Central Library. She sees libraries as places for community collaboration and cross pollination. In her spare time she enjoys organising Library Camp unconferences and is now trying out running different types of workshops and unconference sessions with failure as the theme.

Sue’s book tip:
Peter Carey: The True History of the Kelly Gang

Richard Veevers

Library Assistant
Lancashire Public Libraries
Lancashire, UK

Working as a library assistant for Lancashire’s public libraries, Richard enjoys his job as much today as when he first started in 2002. The famous FailCamp workshop he organizes together with Sue Lawson began as a joke: “imagine a conference about failure” and quickly became a reality. A safe place to confess your fails, a space to laugh at your fails whilst still taking them seriously.

Richard’s book tip:
Ken Kesey: Sometimes a Great Notion

Andreas Ingefjord

Department Head
Malmö City Library
Malmö, Sweden

Andreas Ingefjord is head of the ”digital library” in Malmö with long experience of developing and challenging libraries and library services. And a passion for restoring vintage cars.

Andreas’s book tip:
Umberto Eco: The Name of the Rose

Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri

Head of Library Network Services
Helsinki City Library
Helsinki, Finland

Virva has worked as the Head of Library Network Services in Helsinki City Library since 2009. Prior to that she has worked in BTJ Finland and Academic Bookstore and also in Hämeenlinna City Library.

Rauha Maarno

Executive Director
Finnish Library Association
Helsinki, Finland

Rauha Maarno is working as the Executive Director of the Finnish Library Association. Maarno has extensive experience from the library field since 2007 including partnership projects, web services and communications. With accessibility issues she worked in the Celia national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland.

Rauha’s book tip:
Haruki Murakami: Killing Commendatore

Toke Frello

Facilitator and designer focusing on interaction and learning
Herlev Library
Herlev, Denmark

Toke has a mixed background in design – half academia, half practice. He strives to create accessible, interactive experiences that pique the curiosity and kickstart the imagination of the user, and he switches between concept development and practical stuff as needed. He sees the library as the optimal venue to reach a diverse demographic.

Toke’s book tip:
Donald Norman: The Design of Everyday Things

Cecilie Lyneborg

Digital intermediator and developer
Herlev Library
Herlev, Denmark

Cecilie is educated in Performance Design and Visual Culture. She tries to challenge the status quo and test new combinations of concepts – both within art, culture and digital communication as well as through installations and exhibitions in the physical space of the library. She wants to surprise the library’s users with unexpected experiences and encounters.

Cecilie’s book tip:
Sally Rooney: Conversations with Friends

Merete Lie

Head of Deichman’s Main Library
Oslo, Norway

Merete was Managing Director at the House of Literature in Fredrikstad for more than six years and has a strong commitment to cultural work and targeted development of the visitorbase in cultural institutions. She has extensive experience from management and strategy work in DNB and Telenor.

Merete’s book tip:
Virgine Despentes: Vernon Subutex

Reshape 2019 program

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Monday, May 6th to Tuesday, May 7th

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