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Project plan was published in June


The project plan for the Central Library was published on 9 June 2010 in Library 10. ”The Central Library is a centre for learning and various activities,” Deputy Mayor Tuula Haatainen mentioned in the ceremony. The building is to be completed in the 100th jubilee year of independent Finland in 2017.

”According to the intended schedule, an international architectural competition will be organised for the library building in 2011. The results of the competition will be published during the World Design Capital year of 2012,” Haatainen recited.

In order to complete everything by Finland’s 100th jubilee year, construction work will be started in June 2014. ”The Central Library signifies investment for the future; a centre for experiences and meetings where modern technology facilitates the adoption of new things.”

Execution with loan from a city realty company

The cost estimate for the Central Library is €69.9 million. ”The idea is to realise the project through a realty company fully owned by the city, and the funding is acquired as loans to this company,” Haatainen mentioned on the project funding.

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