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Books with wings


A good book gives you wings. A good book can take you on a trip around the world. Great books can be discovered also during a journey – even at the airport. Today, the book choices do not have to be limited to small selections of easy-going paperbacks at the newsstand; you can visit a normal library just before you take off!

Well, almost normal, that is. The airport library at Schiphol, Amsterdam, makes you look twice and wonder. There you go, sliding gently along the moving walkway with your luggage, when all of a sudden a real, proper library appears in your sight – with perfect timing, actually! The Schiphol airport library has been designed for transit passengers waiting for a connecting flight with plenty of time to spend.

The airport library at Schiphol, AmsterdamThe airport library is a fun concept. Even though the library does not lend out books, its selection resembles that of a proper library. The library caters a wide variety of Dutch literature translated into 30 languages as well as multimedia material on the host country, making it easy for travellers to take in the local culture while on the road. The charmingly furnished library has comfortable chairs for reading and relaxation. The offering includes photography books, exhibitions, music and videos. There are also four iPads available for perusing the library selection. Lending material is also possible to a certain extent. The TankU system allows you to download material, such as Dutch short films, to your mobile phone as souvenirs.

The 90-square-metre airport library at Schiphol is the first permanent airport library in the world. Everything is based on self-service. Naturally, the library has just the right opening hours –  24/7.

So, take a stop-over at the library if you have the chance!


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