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Helsinki Central Library Project On Course


The construction of the Helsinki Central Library at the Töölö Bay is on schedule and on budget. The groundbreaking for the building takes place today. The construction of the house on the plot will start in November.

The current geotechnical work and concrete works in the basement will be completed in November. This phase is followed by the start of the project management, or the actual construction of the building.

The task in question is challenging, as the building will contain new kinds of structural solutions and high targets for energy and material efficiency have been set for the project. The wooden façade will be very long-lasting, which is why it is important to focus on the quality assurance of the wood acquisition, production and construction process. – “I believe that the brilliant architecture in the winning proposal of the international architectural competition for the Helsinki Central Library has allowed for, and spurred, the realisation of the library”, says Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen.

The project is both on schedule and on budget. The library will be opened for the public in December 2018.

Culture and art cluster to Töölönlahti

– ”The Central Library completes a unique cultural cluster within a kilometre radius in Töölö”, says a delighted Deputy Mayor Viljanen.

– “Within walking distance of each other there are museums, such as the National Museum, HAM, Kiasma and the Amos Anderson Art Museum, leading art institutions, such as the Opera, the Helsinki Music Centre and the National Theatre, as well as Olympic stadium. Helsinki believes and invests in culture. “We are building a Helsinki of meetings”, she emphasises.

– “The Central Library will catch us with surprise. It will contain entirely new kinds of library services, such as a cinema, a multifunctional hall, robots, a restaurant, work rooms for rent. But the Central Library will also possess silence and literature, literary art. The Central Library will become a place for people’s freedom to do – everyone, their own kind”, states Viljanen.

The planning of the services of the library challenges the entrepreneurs and keeps them busy as well. At the moment there is a competitive bidding for the leasing of café and restaurant premises.

Bids are currently also expected for robotics solutions, in order to introduce new ways of managing, for example, the logistics and information service of the building. Customers will be invited to participate in the planning of the free-standing furniture, which is due to start soon.

Name competition for the new central library coming

In autumn, October, starts the open Central Library name competition. The winner of the competition will be announced at the turn of the year, at the party arranged in honour of the centenary of Finland’s independence.

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