Reshape 2019 program

Reshape 2019 program

This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives and Libraries. It will examine our changing work culture and how digital innovations are affecting how we work.


— Reshaping lives and libraries

Monday, May 6th to Tuesday, May 7th

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Monday May 6

Location: Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Regina

9:00 Registration and official welcome
9:30 Introductory remarks
9:45 Keynote Speakers: Tomi Tuomainen and Antti Liukkonen – Evolutionary Stages of Siili: Enabling Autonomy and Self-Management
10:30 Ineke van der Kramer – Self-managing teams in the University Library: a good idea?
11:15 Alex Clifton – Storyhouse: free speech and a good night out
12:00 Lunch
13:00 FailCamp Workshop
14:30 Coffee time
15:00 Laura Norris – Oodi – The new way of working
15:45 Guided tour of Helsinki Central Library Oodi
18:00–22:00 Evening Event: International Opening of Oodi


18:00 Welcoming words: Anna-Maria Soininvaara and Maija Berndtson
18:30 Live music and wine: Mopo plays jazz
19:15 Classical music on the 3rd floor: Duo Roozeman plays Mozart: Duo in G-Major for viola and violin, arranged for violin and cello
19:00 The party goes on in the 2nd floor: drinks, snacks, karaoke and games in partner  space and Kuutio
22.00 Going home… or to the next party place!


Tuesday May 7

Location: Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Regina

9:00 Keynote Speaker: Linda Liukas – How to be a human in the age of technology?
9:45  Olli Ohls and Sanna Huttunen – Making library robots a reality (through innovation)
10:15 Coffee time
10:45 Pecha Kucha Session
  • Andreas Ingefjord (Malmö City Library) – The utopian digital library and why we´re not there
  • Rauha Maarno (Finnish Library Association) – Change is upon us! Sneak peek into the library profession
  • Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri (Helsinki City Library) – Blood, sweat and tears – Intelligent floating collection project in Helsinki City Library
  • Merete Lie (Deichman, Oslo Public Library) – Planning the new Public Library in Oslo
  • Toke Frello & Cecilie Lyneborg (Herlev Library) – Augmented Reality in the Children’s Library
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Checkpoints: hands-on Oodi activities
  • Urban workshop 2nd floor : Create your own badges and canvas bags with makerspace machinery (1)
  • Kitchen 2nd floor : Make and sample delicious cookie lollipops (2)
  • Story-time yoga 3rd floor : Experience calming yoga with fairy tales (3)
  • Crash course in Finnish 2nd floor : Learn some basic Finnish with unique repetition method (4)
  • Indoor  games 2nd floor : Play bad ass board games (5)
  • Outdoor games 1st floor : Become the best of Finnish race drivers – with plastic toy cars on sand (6)



Tomi Tuomainen & Antti Liukkonen (Siili Solutions): Siili Solutions is a modern independent software integrator and developer of digital services.  Since 2010 Siili’s net sales have grown on average by 40% a year. This has caused many organizational challenges that have been tackled by enabling self-management practices and autonomous teams.

Ineke van der Kramer (Erasmus University Rotterdam):  This presentation shows why the Library of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam started with self-managing teams, and what happened next. It gives an honest insight in the experiences we encountered. It especially shows the employees perspective: we actually had a scrappy start. Why and what did we do to get back on track?

Alex Clifton (Storyhouse): Storyhouse is a fully integrated public library, theatre, cinema and restaurant. It blends commercial, charitable and statutory services in one organisation, to create a sustainable and thriving community library. Storyhouse has had over 1,000,000 visitors per year, making it the UK’s second most visited cultural centre.

Sue Lawson & Richard Veevers/FailCamp Workshop: How do you disrupt the current obsession with success when it can be really hard to admit to your mistakes? Come to our participant driven workshop; share stories of fuck-ups, mistakes and gaffes! FailCamp is a safe space to laugh at failure and take it seriously, to make it an opportunity for learning, rather than for blame. Failcamp starts a conversation where we don’t ignore failure in a storm of relentless positivity, we learn from it.

Laura Norris (Helsinki City Library): At Oodi, our aim is to produce the best possible services for citizens and patrons. The best people to do that are the crew of 54 people that we have at Oodi, and that’s why our teams are self-governing and make their own decisions about services and everyday work. My presentation will give you a peek at how we do things at Oodi.


Linda Liukas: ( Astrid Lindgren famously stated that politics is too important to be left for politicians. In this talk children’s book author, illustrator and programmer Linda Liukas explores why technology is too important to be left for technologists. The graphical interface, the sleek containers and sealed boxes of computers hide a lot of complexity from us. How does electricity turn into logic, how does logic create ones and zeroes? And what is the role of libraries in the world of ubiquitous screens?

Through practical examples this keynote explores how and why to bridge sciences and humanities for the next generation and give them tools as well as a compass for the future.  To understand ourselves, we need numbers as well as words. And most of all we need stories.

Olli Ohls (Futurice) & Sanna Huttunen (Helsinki City Library): Joint Project on Social Robotics

Andreas Ingefjord (Malmö City Library): It´s not hard to imagine a perfect, utopian digital library as all the tech, software and gadgets needed allready exists. We are not lacking visions and dreams of a brave new digital library world. Still, the digital evolution of our libraries seems to be a hard case to crack. Why? I will share my thoughts on this, and regarding what we can do about it.

Rauha Maarno (Finnish Library Association): Finnish libraries are praised as one of the best in the world. How do Finnish librarians see the future and the library´s role in the society? How is the profession evolving? You will get a sneak peek into the preliminary results of the largest ever made national survey for all librarians in Finland.

Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri (Helsinki City Library): How intelligent floating collection project with operational process changes was made in Helsinki City Library.

Merete Lie (Deichman Library)

Toke Frello & Cecilie Lyneborg (Herlev Library)

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