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Obotti, Oodi’s own recommendation robot


Obotti is a mobile app that is easy to install onto your device and allows you to embark on an adventure between the library shelves with Obotti as your guide.

The promotion of reading and opening up of content are among the library’s core tasks. Oodi is an innovative library, and our duty is to create new and inspiring ways to give people access to our materials.

Obotti is a mobile app that utilises artificial intelligence developed by HeadAI and can be used by anyone at the library and home alike. It recommends things from Oodi’s shelves or environment based on your selections.

The app features different bots with their own pre-determined areas of interest. You can select a bot that suits your preferences to give you recommendations based on both its own preferences and selections you have made. The experience is interactive and the recommendations are tailored to the user; you can train the bots as you please.

Obotti is easy to use and available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Obotti can also be set to only recommend materials for children and young people.

Obotti is still in the learning phase, so it is now important for us to have user experiences so that we can develop Obotti further. Give Obotti a try and tell us how it went!

Obotti’s bots:

Gutenberg is Oodi’s communal bot that adapts to your choices.

Lennon is best suited for a sustainable, rocking lifestyle.

Verne takes you on trips to other realities.

Dude appreciates the pleasures of the culinary arts and aesthetics.

Tove wants to go on an adventure at sea and in the mountains, but preferably without leaving home.

Scarlett loves to wallow in dramatic emotions.

Photo: City of Helsinki / Maarit Hohteri

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