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Organise an event

Do you want to organise an event open to all at Oodi? Oodi welcomes small and large event organisers, private citizens and associations alike. We offer accessible venues for a wide range of events equipped with various technologies.

Each year, we facilitate hundreds of events of different sizes, such as book releases, lectures and concerts. Open events are mainly held in Oodi on weekday nights and weekends. Open events cannot have a registration or admission fee.

Feel free to submit your proposal, and we can discuss the options together. In your message, please mention the content of the event, the target audience and your preferred date and time. Send your event proposal to oodi.tilat@hel.fi

Literature event

The third floor of Oodi, called Book Heaven, is an excellent place for holding literature events. Adult literary events are held at the southern end of Book Heaven, on the Saarikoski rug. For example, a book publishing event or literature-themed discussion events are an excellent fit for these facilities.

The floor is suitable for events for 10–50 people that last around one hour and are open to all and suitable for open facilities. For such events, Oodi provides a PA system and microphones for 1–4 speakers. No fee is charged for using the facilities. If you need space for a larger audience, you can organise a literature event in our other event facilities as well. In such cases, a fee may be charged for using the facilities.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event for Book Heaven: oodi.aikuiset@hel.fi.

Children’s event

In the children’s area on the third floor of Oodi, you can organise open, free-of-charge events for children and families. Events can be held in an open facility or children’s event facility that also features video and audio equipment. The area is suitable for events such as publishing events for children’s books or children’s music events, as well as small-scale theatre performances.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event for Oodi: oodi.lapsetjanuoret@hel.fi.

Art exhibition

Oodi focuses on presenting technology-mediated art – works designed to be presented in digital format. At Oodi, it is possible to organise small or larger media art exhibitions or art events. Whether you are planning a workshop, screening or media art experience, we have a variety of technical equipment and facilities that are suitable for artistic use.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your exhibition to Oodi: oodi.tilat@hel.fi